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Where to go in Broomfield if Service Engine Soon Lights?

By April 13, 2023 No Comments

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Oh no, Service Engine Soon light shows up on the dashboard. What could it mean and how do we fix it? With the presence of warning lights on your car’s dashboard, it is important to know what each one means. The Service Engine Soon Light is one that should always be paid attention to, even if it’s only telling you that maintenance is due. Sometimes, you won’t know what it is alerting you about until you perform a complete diagnostic.

The Service Engine Soon light indicates that it was time for regular maintenance or repair. It is used to help you alert to a problem without causing serious alarm. But whatever went wrong is likely, not severe, but it still requires attention. You can go to an engine diagnostic service to have your car checked.

Check Engine Soon vs Check Engine Light

The differences between check engine soon and check engine light include how they look and the type of problem that occurs. Service Engine Soon light warns that it’s time for regular maintenance or there’s a minor mechanical problem that requires your attention. Check Engine Light on the other hand includes a picture that resembles a motor. Some models show “Check Engine” and these problems are associated with a warning that includes varying degrees of severity. There could be a mechanical problem that requires attention as soon as possible with the solid Check Engine Light. The light also comes on for some minor problems that aren’t a big deal. 

In addition, a blinking Check Engine Light means catastrophic damage can occur if you keep driving, requiring you to pull over and turn the car off. In short, you should never ignore the blinking light or simply go to auto repair and service if you are still unsure.

Cause of Service Engine Soon Light

Below is the list of the most common causes of a service engine soon light:

Loose or Faulty Gas Cap

If the tank had just been filled up, you may not have put the gas cap back in place. When the gas cap is loose, it sends a signal to the ECU that is mimicking a leak in the system. This can be the simplest problem to solve.

Low Fluid Level

Regular maintenance includes changing the fluid and flushing systems as oil changes occur every 3,000 to 10,000 miles depending on what type of oil you use. At the same time, the oil filter should be changed and the coolant and transmission fluid should also have regular changes. 

Scheduled Service Overdue

Part of engine diagnostic service or maintenance includes air filters which should be changed, spark plugs should be replaced and brake pads should be checked. The Service Engine Soon light might come on as a reminder that service has been neglected. It is not because the system has an idea of when service should be performed but it does recognize when problems are created as a result of neglect.

Contaminated Gas

We can never tell if the gas at your local filling station is any good and because of it, it’s possible that you put bad gas in your car. The Service Engine Soon light can come on. You may also have trouble starting the engine or notice a rough idle. If you are unsure of what to do when this happens, go to auto repair and service.