Cooling Systems (AC Repair)

When it comes to comfortable driving, keeping the right temperature within your car is a top factor on the list. The air conditioning system of your vehicle should be ready for the sweltering summer sun heating up Colorado roads each year. Similarly, your car’s heating system should be kept in good condition to operate at peak performance in the freezing winter months.

Did you know that the engine cooling system of your vehicle affects its heating system? Engine combustion and friction produces heat that must be dissipated. On chilly days, that remaining heat provides warmth within the car. Without proper maintenance of your car’s A/C and heating systems, your engine could end up overheating, which could cause catastrophic damage.


If your car’s A/C and heating systems aren’t performing as expected, have your vehicle immediately checked by our team of certified mechanics. Here are some red flags:

• The A/C blows air that smells moldy or damp.
• The heating system doesn’t operate when it is cold outside or blows air that is warmer than the temperature outside.
• The A/C blows warm air while the heating system blows cold air.
• The A/C and/or heater don’t function when the vehicle is idle.
• The defroster doesn’t work.
• The airflow is low even if the fan mode is set to high.

If the heating and air conditioning system of your vehicle seem to be functioning just fine, you still need to make sure they are regularly maintained so that the entire system is in good working condition. When not checked or serviced regularly, the pipes, hoses, belts, antifreeze, and other components risk dripping or clogging over time due to usage. This could ultimately lead to diminished heating or cooling capabilities. Remember that ignoring these seemingly small issues can mean costly repairs down the line.


At New Way Auto Solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of check and maintenance services. We examine your car’s internal controls, blower, hoses, pressure radiator caps, thermostat, and compressor belt. We also check for leaks and damages. We conduct cooling and heating system pressure tests to ensure they are on normal levels and meet manufacturer specifications.

Contact New Way Auto Solutions for a comprehensive check, repair, or maintenance of your A/C and heating systems. We serve customers in Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, and surrounding areas who own Acura, Honda, Lexus, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles.

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