Batteries and Charging System Repair

The charging system of your car is essential for its engine ignition and power. With a fully charged battery, the starter motor is filled with current that starts the motor. And similar to all other vehicle parts, the battery and charging system will wear down after years of use, often depending on car usage as well as the quality and regularity of maintenance that it gets.


• Your car won’t start. You only hear a click when you start the engine.
• The warning lamp indicator lights up while your car is running.

When these telling signs show, waste no time finding out what the issue is or making DIY repairs. Unless you’re knowledgeable and fully equipped in the car batteries and charging systems department, your best option is to take your car to a team of certified auto mechanics.


New Way Auto Solutions offer a range of battery and charging system services. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we conduct a series of thorough tests to find out the problem. Our highly qualified and trained car mechanics do quality battery repairs and replacements of all the components including starter and alternator, as may be required to resolve the issue.

If you are having trouble starting your engine and maintaining power to your vehicle, it’s time to bring your vehicle to us as soon as possible. New Way Auto Solutions can perform quality battery repairs and replacements for vehicle charging system malfunctions. We offer one full year warranty on parts and labor.

Don’t let your battery and charging system problem catch you off-guard on the early hours of an important day. At New Way Auto Solutions, our ultimate goal is to provide you with outstanding battery and charging system services to enable you to go back safely to driving in no time.

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