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What the Warning Lights Mean in Your Honda

By July 30, 2019 No Comments

check engine alert

It might be tempting to ignore the warning light that illuminates your Honda’s dashboard, but it certainly isn’t advised. Road safety requires diligent attention when your car alerts you to a problem. Not every warning light means impending doom, but they all require action. You should read the owner’s manual for your model to understand what each light means, but New Way Auto Solutions Honda service in Boulder offers up these helpful tips for those that want a shortcut.

What the Engine Temperature Light Means

Usually indicated by a symbol of a thermometer or the word TEMP, the engine temperature light appears lit when the engine heats up above the recommended limit. If not attended to quickly, an overheated engine can cause major damage. Check for hints of a cooling system leak and pull over in a safe area, then turn off the engine and contact Honda car repair in Broomfield for help. If there’s steam streaming from your hood, be cautious when opening it, and don’t remove the radiator cap if the engine seems too hot.

What the Oil Pressure Light Means

Presented as a picture of an oil can or the word OIL, the oil pressure light comes on when the engine oil pressure drops to an unsafe level. It’s the riskiest warning light to ignore as a drop in oil pressure can cause severe engine damage. If it lights and remains on, pull over in a safe spot, turn off your engine, and contact a tow truck.

What the Fuel Light Means

When the fuel light on your dash comes on, you’re low on gas. While Hondas typically have two to three gallons left in the tank when the fuel light comes on, letting you drive an additional 45-93 miles depending on the vehicle model, driving on empty can cause damage to the fuel pump and catalytic converter, or lead to an accident if your car stops abruptly on a highway. Use those three gallons to get yourself to a gas station immediately. If you can’t make it, pull over and call for help.

What the Check Engine Light Means

When your Honda’s exhaust emissions are being affected, the check engine light will illuminate. If it remains on, make an appointment with Honda car repair in Broomfield to check it out as soon as you can. If it starts flashing, it means your catalytic converter is too hot and needs immediate attention. Take it to the shop right away to prevent a possible fire and extensive and costly repairs.

What the Charging System Light Means

Usually indicated by a symbol of a battery or the words GEN or ALT, the charging system light brightens when the electrical system isn’t getting power from the alternator. When this warning lights up, shut down all electrical systems you don’t need, like the air-conditioning, heat, or radio, and drive directly to a shop for Honda service in Boulder.

Warning lights in your Honda should never be ignored. When problems arise, the experts at New Way Auto Solutions can repair the problem quickly and affordably. Call us at 303-593-2434 for an appointment today.