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Maintenance Tips for Your Lexus

By July 30, 2019 No Comments

Silver motor car Lexus RX330 in the snow covered tundra.

Getting regular service from a Lexus mechanic in Colorado can really add to the lifespan of your vehicle. You may not realize, but skipping routine maintenance and repairs can put one of your most prized possessions in jeopardy. Small problems can easily turn into costly, larger ones if you’re not proactive. Even issues that seem insignificant at first can have a major long-term impact on your car.

Lexus was named one of the most valuable car brands in the world in 2017 and has been at the forefront of technological advancements for modern vehicles. With a luxury vehicle like a Lexus, it’s important not to skimp out on routine maintenance and upkeep. With the proper maintenance and care found at a Lexus service center in Colorado, you can avoid the most common issues that plague more lax car owners. Here are some important tips for keeping your Lexus running smoothly for years to come.

Keep Up With Maintenance Check-Ups

While taking your car to an automotive shop may seem inconvenient and time-consuming, tempting you to delay or skip it entirely, preventative measures like scheduling maintenance visits are the best thing you can do for your Lexus. With the right auto mechanic, it doesn’t even have to take up that much time.

During a routine maintenance inspection, your Lexus mechanic in Colorado will perform the following:

  • Depending on mileage and tire condition, possible tire replacement or rotation
  • Oil change
  • Brake inspection
  • Fluid check
  • Spark plug and wire inspection
  • Wheel bearing inspection

It’s recommended that you bring your Lexus in for maintenance every 5000 miles or six months, but you should always take it in sooner if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Better to get it checked and have it be nothing than to risk larger problems.

Complete Your Own Inspections Between Maintenance Visits

There are countless ways to remain proactive between routine maintenance visits to your Lexus service center in Colorado. To start with, luxury vehicles have many critical fluids that require frequent inspection. Here are some you can check yourself:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Power-steering fluid
  • Antifreeze

Fluid inspection may seem like a small thing, but not keeping up with oil and fluid changes can cause serious and permanent damage to your Lexus.

Another critical inspection for the safety of your vehicle and its passengers is the tires. You can do the following yourself:

  • Check your tire pressure regularly
  • Look for signs of cracking or other damage
  • Watch for uneven wear on the treads
  • Know when your treads are getting low

Also, be aware of strange sounds and monitor your dashboard lights as they may alert you to further problems. These are easy ways to keep your car in good shape between trips to the mechanic. When you take the time to get to know your Lexus, you’ll be able to spot problems before they become something large and expensive.

When you purchase a Lexus, you’ll own one of the best cars money can buy. While repairs and maintenance may not be on your mind as you drive off the lot, being proactive about caring for your vehicle will protect your investment. You can keep your car in stunning condition by keeping up with routine visits to New Way Auto Solutions, as well as maintenance between visits. For questions about Lexus maintenance and repairs or to schedule a visit, please contact us for assistance.