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Welcome to the New Way Auto Solutions Blog: Why Maintaining Your Vehicle is Important

You love your vehicle. It gets you where you need to go without having to rely on public transportation or the kindness of others. So, take care of your car or truck. Routine maintenance and repair are needed to keep it in tip-top condition, making your car safe and reliable. New Way Auto Solutions can keep your vehicle running smoothly with car repair in Broomfield. Take our advice for proper maintenance and come see us when your car needs better upkeep than you can provide.

What You Should Be Doing

You should be making sure your car gets regular oil changes and fluid checks. Oil is the life of your engine, so check levels on a regular basis to make sure your car has enough to run and change it out completely every 3,000 miles to avoid engine problems. You’ll also need to check the transmission fluid and engine coolant and keep them full so your engine won’t overheat.

Dirty air filters can shorten the life of your engine and kill your gas mileage by reducing it up to 10 percent. All you need to do to clean the filter is blow off the accumulated dust with an air hose. Easy-peasy and it means you can keep your car years longer, saving you money.

You’ll also want to check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure can cause excessive tire wear and you’ll have to change your tires more often. High pressure is also an issue as it can lead to blowouts. Your vehicle handbook should tell you the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle model.

What We Can Do for You

We handle import car repair in Boulder as well as car repair in Broomfield, working on Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Acura and Nissan. We provide a host of services including:

• Cooling systems service
• Timing belt replacement
• Minor maintenance service
• Brakes service and maintenance
• Suspension, shocks, struts service/replacement
• Engine diagnostics
• Clutch repair/replacement
• Batteries and charging systems service
• Head gasket replacement
• Axle and driveshaft service
• Air conditioning maintenance and repair
• Belts and hoses replacement

Contact New Way Auto Solutions today for your import car repair in Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville, or Lafayette. 720-420-0656