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6 Signs that says your car needs a suspension repair!

By March 15, 2022 No Comments

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Some roads in Broomfield, Colorado are rough with plenty of potholes after harsh storms and winters. Because of these, your car shocks and struts could tear up over time and even though cars absorb shocks easily, it is not completely immune.  On average, a car’s strut or shock can hold this type of wear and tear for approximately fifty thousand miles. After that, the suspension starts to deteriorate and it will become overly bouncy, stiff, or make strange noise even if you drive on a smooth road. If you are experiencing these right now, go to a Broomfield auto mechanic asap.

But how do you know when your car needs a suspension repair aside from going to auto mechanic Broomfield Co? Well, the following list is might the one you need:

1. Hearing Squeaks over bumps

Are you hearing squeaky noises every time your car goes over speed-bumps? If yes, it means that the shock absorber is wearing down. When it also becomes increasingly difficult to keep your car under control, the shocks are also wearing down. Its performance diminishes slowly. Speed bumps with screeching sounds could also be a problem. Check out Broomfield auto mechanic if you are experiencing this.

2. Drifting or pulling every turn

Because of the wearing suspension, you’ll often feel the vehicle “drift” or “pull” when you’re turning. It means that the shocks are no longer keeping the vehicle body stable against the centrifugal force of a turn which increases your risk of a rollover. 

3. Steering becomes difficult

When you face problems steering the car even at low speeds, it could be a sign that your car needs suspension repair. The suspension could also be lagging and thus needs oiling or some parts of the suspension system need replacement already. 

4. Dips when stopping

Worn-out suspensions can cause the vehicle body to lurch forward and downward nose-first when applying the brakes firmly. It can affect your ability to stop the car quickly.

5. Uneven tire treads

Check your tires regularly and if you notice the tread wearing down unevenly on tires, or having balding spots, this might be a sign that the suspension is not holding the car evenly and therefore putting uneven amounts of pressure on the tires.

6. One side of the car sits lower than the other

In contrast with number one, you may not hear squeaky noise over bumps, but if you see that one side of the car sits lower than the other when you park, it is a sign of broken springs on one side. It only means that the suspension spring is well and truly worn out and needs immediate replacement because it cannot support the car’s weight anymore. Go to your auto mechanic Broomfield Co and have it checked.

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