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5 steps to take when you have an engine overheating

When doing a long drive, we cannot avoid overheating our car’s engine. The good news is that today’s cars have sophisticated cooling systems equipped with multiple heat sensors and computer-controlled electric fans designed to keep your engine running away in any weather. But sometimes there are uncontrollable situations. If you are driving around Broomfield and you haven’t seen an auto mechanic in Broomfield Co, here are the possible reason why your car overheats:

  1. Improperly circulating coolant
  2. There’s a leak
  3. A hose needs replacement
  4. Internal debris in the cooling system
  5. Malfunctioning thermostat
  6. Malfunctioning cooling fan
  7. The blocked air inlet to the radiator; or
  8. Damaged radiator

If faced with the situation, and you are driving alone, don’t panic. Here 5 steps to do when you have an engine overheating:

1. Turn on the heater

Turning the heater on draws warmth away from the engine and into the passenger compartment, lessening the burden on the engine’s cooling system. In some situations, that may be enough to reverse the overheating but you will know it’s working if the warning light goes off or the temperature gauge returns to the neutral position.

2. Pullover

If the engine overheating continues even after you’ve been driving for a few minutes with the heater on, pull over and cut the engine off. It is the safest and surest way to cool the engine. You can call Broomfield auto mechanic for help and you may need a tow.

3. Sit tight and be patient

If you do not see any Broomfield auto mechanic yet, be patient. It will take at least 15 minutes for the engine to cool. Make sure that you would now attempt to open the hood as the coolant in the car that has overheated may be in excess of 230 degrees. It is dangerous to open the hood right away as there is a risk of being sprayed with hot water or steam. Waiting for at least 15 minutes allows the hood, engine, and leaking coolant to cool.

4. Add coolant

If the hood is now cool to touch, put on gloves, open the hood and locate the radiator cap. If you are unsure, check with the owner’s manual to avoid accidents. When you have located the cap, cover with a towel and slowly push down and loosen it a quarter of a turn to release the pressure that has built up as a result of the coolant expanding when heated. Then fully open the radiator cap and slowly add coolant, half water, and half antifreeze until the liquid reaches the full line. Adding coolant to the small, clear plastic overflow reservoir mounted to the side of the radiator can also be beneficial. Lastly, replace the cap and turn on the engine. Make sure the temperature gauge comes back to normal or the red warning light goes out and proceed with caution. Calling an auto mechanic Broomfield Co if the problem still persists is advisable.

5. Drive to a service station

Adding coolant often allows you to drive safely to the nearest Broomfield auto mechanic. It is a temporary bandage to your car problem so it is always advisable to have your car checked.