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5 Driving Tips To Save Gas

With the rapid gas price increase, it is essential to consider efficient ways of using our cars. Of course not using them is never an option as it is a necessity for us to go to work. Aside from going to a Broomfield auto mechanic, there are some tips that will help you save gas while driving. 

1. Don’t be hard on the accelerator

Pressing the accelerator pedal gently will help you save gas and allow more efficient driving. On the other hand, putting the pedal on the metal wastes gas because the harder you accelerate, the more fuel is wasted. So here’s a tip, aim to take five seconds to accelerate your vehicle up to 15 miles per hour from a stop. If you are using a manual, use a moderate throttle position and shift between 2000 and 2500 rpm. Another tip also is to imagine there’s an egg under the gas pedal. When you accelerate, pretend the gas pedal is pressing down the egg. This mental trick can help you speed up safely which means saving gas and cash. In addition, you can save money and time going to the auto mechanic Broomfield co. 

2. Keeping it steady for fuel-efficient driving

Have you also observed and asked why highway and city driving have different mileage? It is because of the sudden changes in speed. Dips in speed combined with spurts of rapid acceleration can increase your fuel use by up to 30 percent on the highway. This is also the reason why stopping and going quickly can reduce fuel efficiency. If you are not in city driving conditions, try to avoid rapid starts and stops. 

3. Stay alert all the time and keep a proper distance

Planning your maneuvers ahead of time can keep your vehicle in momentum. Always pay attention to the road in front of you. If you are unsure of the ideal distance, try counting seconds. When you are on the road, pick an inanimate object like a road sign, marker, or something solid that doesn’t move then watch the car in front of you pass the object and start counting.  This was used to be called the “2-second rule” because it was often advised to count 2 seconds. Speed limits of 35-55 miles per hour require a distance of 3 seconds. You can count 4 seconds for speed 55-75 mph and when it is raining, roads are wet or in heavy traffic. For snowy and icy roads, count 7-8 seconds after a safer ride. This counting tip can help you keep a proper distance and help achieve better gas mileage. 

4. Don’t slam on the brakes

In regular driving situations, it is better to coast toward a stop sign or red light instead of slamming on the brakes. And so if stop-and-go of city traffic hinders mileage, abrupt stops can too. Refraining from slamming on the brakes helps save fuel and money. It is not just an efficient driving habit, but it also puts less ear on your tires and brakes too. This helps you save time on going to Broomfield auto mechanic.

5. Check tire pressure

Be sure to maintain tires at the correct pressure. If you are unsure how much air your tire needs, check inside the driver’s side door. Many new cars have a sticker there that lists the correct PSI for your vehicle. Having the incorrect tire pressure has to do with ear and tear. If you over-inflate your tires, the tread section will round out and cause the middle tread to wear down faster. On average, you could be cutting your tires’ lifespan in half. You can also check auto mechanic Broomfield co for your tire concerns.