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Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Summer

By July 30, 2019 No Comments

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After months of driving in harsh winter conditions with snow, slush and ice, summer is finally around the corner. Before we celebrate, did you know that summer is the most dangerous driving season? That’s right. In the 2017 Department of Transportation annual census of motor vehicle deaths, more fatal accidents happened between the months of June to August compared to the rest of the year. There are many factors that contribute to the rise in crashes including road work and congested roads caused by vacationers and road trippers.

To stay safe on the road during the summer driving season, here are some helpful tips to get your vehicle ready.

Change your tires

Switch from snow tires to all-season or summer tires. Visit your nearest auto mechanic in Broomfield to get your tires changed. Winter tires are softer and wear down easily. Once temperature rises, make sure you have the appropriate set of tires. Remember, keeping your tires well-maintained keeps you on the road!

Check your AC
Driving around in a hot car without air conditioning is dangerous to your health. Always test your AC to make sure it’s working before the summer weather gets too warm. If the AC is making strange noises or blowing hot air from the vents, bring your car in to have the AC system checked by a professional auto mechanic in Broomfield, Co.

Check your brakes

During the winter months, icy roads and snow can cause a lot of wear and tear on your brakes especially with all the stop-and-go driving. Once summer rolls around, get your brakes inspected when you’re replacing your winter tires.

Check your coolant

Keep your engine cool and always check your coolant levels. Make sure the mixture is correct. You can do this yourself or by going to a professional auto mechanic in Broomfield, Co.

Get an oil change

Another thing to get done while you are having your snow tires removed and brakes checked is to get an oil change. Prevent wear and tear and make sure your vehicle parts are functioning at the maximum level to avoid breakdowns and accidents.

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